Thursday, July 2, 2009

Who I Am

I told my co-workers that I had to run out last night because I had Bible study. One of them laughed until he realized I was serious. The other asked what you do in Bible study.

He asked me, 'Are you really religious?'

My response was 'kind of.' But I didn't explain myself.

There's a reason I say, 'kind of.' Because when you say you're religious, people get this idea in their head. You hate gays, strongly oppose abortion, and think you're better than everyone else.

I am against abortion, but I wouldn't tell a hurting woman who'd had one that she was wrong. I'd want to be able to try and love her and help her heal.

Jesus called us to love all people and, honestly, I think if Jesus had come back in our time instead of ages ago, I think he would have hung out with gay friends, because he always showed us how stupid we are when we decide to ostracize a group of people. He would have hung out with Susan Boyle way before anybody else would have.

I don't know all the answers, but I really appreciated what my pastor said to me when we were talking about homosexuality and the church. She said, "I don't know. But when I go to stand before my Maker, like we all will, I want to tell Him that I loved people with everything I had."

I'm trying not to think that I'm better than anyone else, because I'm not. It doesn't matter what I do in this life, the bad will always outweigh the good. But God has given me so, so many more chances then I've ever deserved.

I just wish I could explain it at work when people ask!!


  1. You gave a perfect explanation here! I think people form those opinions primarily out of fear...the fear of the unknown and believing in something that you can't see, touch, hear or smell. Faith was not one of the five is something you gain through love and matter the race, sexual preference or place in society.
    I blurted out laughing at your comment on Susan Boyle!