Sunday, July 19, 2009

Globe Trotting

That's me! Over Macau. It's the world's highest bungee. I'm going to try to add more pictures. Whether they make sense or not. :-D

I'M GOING TO AFRICA!!!! I could pee myself. In May 2010, my husband and I are going to go to South Africa and Ethiopia. South Africa to meet my blogging friend Vashti and her charity Project O and then to Ethiopia to meet our sponsor child there (which I am totally stoked about!!!). I wish I could say 'No Sleep Til Africa' but that's almost a year away.

There's only one sad thing about going to Africa. Then I don't know if I'm going to see my family for Christmas that year because of the time we'll have already taken off. That's okay though! It'll give Steve and I time to start some traditions of our own.

I'm going to Hong Kong in a few weeks to see my family. It'll be the first time in about two years that it will just be the core family (no boyfriends, husbands...). Then we'll be going to South Korea for a few days. My goal is to find mushroom chocolate bars. I guess you can find them along the Demarkation Zone and I'm interested.

THEN for Christmas THIS year, we're going to the Philippines to an island for a "beach vacation." That's fine...except I don't do the beach. Is that bad? I always feel fat in a bathing suit and I don't tan, I get red splotches that look like an allergic reaction to the sun. But I bought some shorts and I'm going to buy a floppy hat, some board shorts, and f- every thought I have of how "fat" I am and I'm going to enjoy it. Dang it.

Do you have any summer plans? Are you going anywhere soon or later or whenever?


  1. so excited!!! cant wait for you to get here! Wish you were coming tomorrow!!
    What the heck are mushroom chocolate bars? sound gross.

  2. It's a bunch of mushrooms dipped in chocolate!! I'll have to find a photo...

  3. Oh...I am so excited for you! What a great trip you have planned and how great to see your parents. You are one globe trotting lady!