Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Give A Blessing: Malachi Stephen

If you would like to visit his family's blog, please visit here.

Baby Be Blessed is doing a Give A Blessing for Malachi Stephen, a little boy with a really big story. He's had heart surgeries and has been given a CHARGE diagnosis. To learn more about CHARGE, visit

Here's part of a post from Tina at Baby Be Blessed.

We are almost to the half way mark of our monthly goal to help raise $1000 for this sweet boy!

A BIG thank you to those who have donated!! I praise God for your giving heart!!

Well...we want to offer you all an extra goodie for giving this week!! Today through Sunday we will throw in a special Valentine scripture crown for every $20.00 that you donate!! PERFECT time for Valentines day and a great way to show the love of Christ to the Sharbaugh family by giving!!


Want to mention that the first prize in our Give a Blessing Giveaway this month will be...

So first off...PRAY!!

Then please DONATE and SPREAD THE WORD about Giving a Blessing to little Malachi!!


I thank you so much for it!! Please e-mail Laura ( your Chip-In information if you do donate so that you can be put in the drawing for the gifts or receive your Valentine's Day gift.

Remember KINDNESS: Seeing needs in the lives of others as opportunities to show my love for Christ!!

Please come back tomorrow because I would like to post about Project O. I was debating about it, need to know! So please visit again :)

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  1. The poor little sweetheart! Heading over there now to read the story...