Wednesday, January 6, 2010

My Sweet Spot

Look at all those cute little faces!!

Random side note: Our kitty is back! Steve's co-worker Trudy and her daughter have been watching Vindaloo for almost a month while we were running around. So Vindaloo is back home and sleeping on my pillow and chewing my hair at 3:30 in the morning (I'm still jet-lagged and I was up) and playing with the little thingy that keeps our milk fresh at 6:30am.

I was reading A.R.K. for God before I left for Hong Kong and I decided that, after reading an excerpt from Max Lucado's Cure For The Common Life, that I wanted to read the book.

The goal of the book is to find the gifts that God created you with, how to make a big deal of God with those gifts, and to take a leap of faith with those gifts.

I think I found the things that may help me find my 'Sweet Spot' as he calls it in the book:

-I love researching
-I love organizing (but, apparently, not my apartment...mainly events)
-I love children
-I love foreign cultures and foreign foods

It's interesting. I always said that I NEVER wanted kids, but I've always been good with kids and...don't let this sound weird, they've always been 'attracted' to me. Here's an example: I'm sitting on the train with my friend when I went to school in England (I was...probably 20 at the time.) and we're just talking. A little boy, maybe 2-years-old comes over and pulls himself up on the seat beside me. His mother is slightly freaking out. So I kind of talked to him and he kept calling me 'lady.' He started playing with my purse and I 'played' with him. (I didn't touch him. You don't touch a stranger's kid, but I just kind of opened pockets and stuff on it in a peek-a-boo type thing) And she put him in his stroller after 10 minutes WAY before we got in the station, but I think it freaked her out that her kid just came and plopped down by me. And I just thought it was a funny story, but I have a handful of stories like that...that I never really put together.

I'm trying to find out what I'm meant to do in my life with the gifts that God has given me. I think I'm using some of them, but maybe not to my full potential. I know that Steve worries a lot and he's afraid of things, but I know that when God needs us to move or to do something scary, that we'll be able to do it together, hand in hand (and obviously with a little help, you know. ;) The Big Guy.)

So what's your sweet spot? What were you made to do and do you think you've found it?


  1. Great list! I am also an organizer but only of certain things!
    Dropped by from SITS.

  2. I enjoy dog therapy. We take our dogs in to hospitals and nursing homes. We love it. I also love writing and pray GOD will continue to use it.
    Blessings, andrea

  3. It's so great you've found the things that will help you find your 'Sweet Spot.' I'm so glad I stopped by; I might have to read that book as well, because I definitely need to find my Sweet Spot. I'm not sure how I can use these, but the two things I am best at is baking and working with my Church.

  4. I also had a similar experience to your train one, only I was in Papa John's. This little girl comes dancing in with her mom and brother and when they go to the counter to order, the girl comes over to where I am sitting and says, "Hello." So I said, "Hello." And she says, while touching the edge of my table, "What are you doing?" And I said, "Reading a magazine. What are you doing?" And then she danced off. Her mom did not seem concerned that her kid was talking to strangers.

    As far as skills, I guess writing, and I know I'm not using that to my full potential, but I can't quite figure out how to or what I'm meant to do with my writing. Do you think I could use scrapbooking to change the world? :)

  5. Even though I do have kids and grandkids whom I love dearly, I find that all kids seem to connect with me. Especially autistic kids. Must be a God thing!

    How was your trip?

  6. I love that you are finding your gift that God has blessed you with. The book from Max is truly life changing for both parents and singles alike looking for something that sets their life apart.

    Thanks for the link to ARK for God and I hope it truly has inspired you.

    For me I am truly organized and detail orientated. I love to teach and I think for now my blog is God's way of allowing me to utilize all those gifts to His glory and His good.

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat