Tuesday, January 26, 2010

I Feel Like A Scientist (And A Prayer Request)

If you couldn't tell, cupcakes are taking over my life.

I call it planning. My husband calls it my neurotic tendencies. My mother-in-law thinks I missed my calling. I can't help it. I want these cupcakes to look nice.

I've been searching online and I can't find anything about frozen, filled cupcakes. Can you freeze a cupcake with filling in it? Can you freeze a cupcake with a little piece taken out of it so that it can be filled while frozen? Do you want to fill it while frozen?

These are questions I am asking!! If you happen to know the answers to these questions, please let me know. If not, I will be freezing cupcakes this weekend and deciding the way to go for the wedding in March. Ooooo! Science experiments! Last time I did a science experiment with food, I threw some twinkies off of my roof.

I've noticed that my blogging friends (and definitely The SITS ladies) are big-hearted people! I love it. And I wanted to ask you to read a post.

How beautiful is she?!

She has a really hard home life and could really use your prayers. You can visit Vashti to read the whole story.


  1. Wish I had some freezer advice...Though I'm not a gourmet chef or anything, I would think it's okay to freeze cupcakes with filling. I hope you have a big freezer!

    Heading over to read Vashti's story...

  2. I'm sorry I don't have any advice for freezing cupcakes. I know they can be frozen "plain" for sure, but I've never tried the filled variety. Each of your ideas could work, so why not try them all this weekend? :)

    I'll definitely keep Vashti in my prayers.

  3. hi love....thanks for the shout out...again!!!
    can you move here and we can start a cupcake cafe! they look yummy.
    love yu.

  4. I feel like you can pretty much freeze anything and then defrost it in the fridge. But yeah, experiment first and let me know! :)

  5. I would TOTALLY move to South Africa and start a cupcake cafe!! :-D

  6. Hi, Thank you for your comment and stopping by.
    Yes, cup cakes are fun....Lots of color, smiles and fun.

  7. Well, on the bright side, if you "mess up" a cupcake or two, you get to eat them. :)

  8. good luck with the cupcakes!

    Thanks for stopping by!

  9. I am a scientist but I don't know the answer to your question, sorry! I think it would depend on whether or not the filling can be frozen without separating - maybe try freezing the filling first? Good luck! I'm gonna look into Project O a bit later too, thanks for the info!

  10. She is beautiful - she looks just like a singing angel. I will be praying for her little life and ask that God grant his love and mercy upon her young soul. I will also pray that He places someone in her life that will be able to guide her as she begins her journey into womanhood.

    As for cupcakes, I am not your girl. But YUM! They look great!

  11. The cupcakes look great! Thanks for the piece on Haiti. Stopping by from SITS!

  12. Well, if something has to take over your life, I think cupcakes are just the thing! Wow, yours look delicious!

  13. First I freeze cakes, tarts, ect. But more important is how long they will be frozen and what you use to store them in. I always Double Bag, and I try to use them up within the first 3 months. For you do not want ice to build up, So make them air tight. Give a report on how you do. As the fillings, I not a chef either, so I would think some fillings would freeze, but maybe not some. So give it a test and see. I would be more thinking on the line of adding filling later. But then give the test for I would love to know! TOO!

  14. PS I love you donated your wedding dress, I did that a long time ago! My husband was upset! SO I invented a reproduction of my dress on our 25th Anniversary. Now, my girls dresses I storing. for they have daughter, we hope to wear these dresses.
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