Monday, January 4, 2010

A Question For You

So it's not definite yet, but I might be making a wedding cake with my sister-in-law.

ACK! There is definitely a wedding on March 20th for my brother-in-law.

We're thinking of a cupcake cake...maybe like this?:
Pink Cake Box Cake
(But that's a professional cake, so it wouldn't look so spectacular!)

Or I might even...need to learn fondant!!! Which totally scares the crap out of me.

I was wondering...have you ever made a wedding cake? Or anything for someone's wedding? Have you ever used fondant and is it hard?!

And welcome back to the work week!


  1. I have! I make my own from scratch and the recipe for it is on my food art blog. There is a link to it on my blog (on the right!)

    Check that out and see if you think it looks hard. It really isn't!

  2. Brother-in-law as in Steve's little bro? Whoa.

    And no I have never made a wedding cake but you could always buy that giant cupcake cake maker and make a cake that looks like a giant cupcake!

  3. This cake is adorable. It reminds me of my wedding cake. I wish I had a picture, but unfortunately no one took one. It was a lot of little cheese cakes displayed similarly to this cupcake display. I am sure whatever you do it will be beautiful.
    Blessings, andrea

  4. Beautiful cake! My cousin had a cupcake cake at her wedding in September, and everyone loved it! It was beautiful and tasty! ;-) Good luck!

  5. i have not made a cake but my cousin's wedding last year was a cupcake cake and it was wonderful and everyone loved it :) its a good choice! thanks for stopping by! power to the SITStas!

  6. Mrs. D,

    If you have a Michael's nearby you can take a cake decorating class. I love using Fondant, it's just like playdoh that you can eat. Have fun and just experiment. Who knows, that may just be the cake you create but with different colors of course for a wedding.

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  7. Have you ever eaten fondant? Most people don't. While it's gorgeous to look at, many people end up throwing it you're just wasting time, money, and food. People will remember the taste of your cakes long after they've forgotten how it looked, so use the bride's favorite frosting instead. If you're dead-set on using it, then I would take Heart2Heart's suggestion of signing up for a class. Then practice, practice, practice! :)

    Thanks for stopping by my blog; I HAVE heard of but I never visited it until you brought it up! I'm a hungry hungry hippo, and those pictures look great. While most people would be grossed out, I think I'd totally eat those monstrous creations!