Friday, January 15, 2010

Lots To Bake! And Cook

How are you guys doing? Man, I love Fridays. And I also love THREE DAY WEEKENDS!!! Sadly, my husband doesn't get time off on Monday, so I'm going to be home with my crazy cat...who decided to stand on my back this morning and whine? No reason. Just decided that's what she wanted at 6:30am. I think that's why, when we first got her, everyone asked if we were going to have kids soon. Having our cat is like having another small child!!

My plans this weekend and Monday while my husband is at work? BAKE!

Everyone said very nice things about the cupcakes. The groom said he wanted chocolate and vanilla. Which is fine. I still want to bake the banana ones, so I'm going to :-D

So I'm going to see how tasty my Devil's Food cupcakes turn out.

and then I'll try the banana.

THEN! I'm going to be hosting another luncheon for Project O at my church on Valentine's Day! I'm excited, but because of everything else, I've been lacking on the planning. I was thinking about doing a buffet of different types of macaroni and cheese.

Like macaroni and cheese with tomatoes and maybe some with ham (I have a TON of ham in my fridge right now). Then I could have salad and soup and cupcakes!!

What do you think? Would you give me money to eat my mac and cheese?! ;) Money that would go to help build a school for South Africa's AIDs orphans? Or would you prefer something more hearty?


  1. Hey are you feeling better? Love you for doing this.

  2. I'm sad that I have to work the day of your Project O luncheon b/c the last one was so good! But I will still donate money this year so the next time I see you, remind me!