Monday, April 6, 2009


My uterus has never really liked me. I mean, we talked for awhile, and at first we were cool. Then I turned 16 turned into a hate-hate relationship. I'll never know what made her turn against me, but once she turned, I had no reason to love her anymore.

Anyway...every time I get looked at, they find that nothing is wrong. Fine. But now I want to change birth control options (Moving to NYC made me into somewhat of a tree-hugging, organic liberal...but only a little bit) and because I was having "irregular periods" (fine, fine. One just didn't happen. I asked my uterus why and she only responded with cramps...) I need to have a sonohysterogram on Wednesday.

Imagine your uterus as a balloon. And then it being expanded with saline. I am not excited. :( I had to get a pregnancy blood test before I can do anything else this morning (they won't perform the test without it) and I noticed the girl was a student. I wouldn't say I'm a pro at getting blood taken, but I have some AWESOME veins and I NEVER bruised when I donated platelets.

I'm bruised. And in pain. And there's a hard lump where she took my blood. I feel like this is a bad sign.

Oh well! Wednesday, here I come!!!

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