Wednesday, April 1, 2009

What am I?

So I'm going to write whatever I want on this blog. And maybe I'll remember to update. :) This is mainly for myself anyway.

So I have a friend who's doing a project called History Starts Now. It's goal is to end child trafficking in our generation. There was a networking thing last night that I went to and I started talking to someone about the ideas I support...or, mainly, the charities and goals I support.

And he asked me, "Are you an activist?"

Hmm...I never really thought of that. And I don't know. Merriam-Webster says that an activist is: "a doctrine or practice that emphasizes direct vigorous action especially in support of or opposition to one side of a controversial issue"

Oooooo. I don't think I'm that. I read 'Blue Like Jazz' a few weeks ago...and I watched a movie called For The Bible Tells Me So about homosexuality and the Bible... and I've been seeing things everywhere (When God tells you things, I mean, He REALLY tells you) about love. Love is not money. You shouldn't choose who you give it to. You know, 'cause I'm pretty sure Jesus gave his love to me and I can tell you that I don't really deserve it. Love is a verb. A verb a verb a verb.

Can I tell you that I would love to LOVE every child in the world who doesn't have a home or a family? I would love to LOVE the homeless people on the street. And I'll be honest, sometimes they scare me. But I actually talked to a homeless person the other day. No, really. And her name was Jess and she just wanted to get back home to Tennessee. I'm still praying for her. I hope she and her dog and her boyfriend made it back safe.

And somedays, I don't want to love...some days I just want to complain. And I want to be annoyed. Ha! But I'm trying. I'm trying to just love and love and love as if my heart would explode.

I don't really think I'm an activist. I just want to love the world God gave me.

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