Thursday, April 16, 2009

My Happy Moments For Today

So today has been INSANE. And I've freaked myself out to a point of a headache. It's a good headache and it's all good freaking out, but it still makes me want to shove popcorn in my mouth and throw caution to the wind and pay NO ATTENTION to the scale.

1) I am now writing a blog story about The Rescue for Invisible Children on April 25th for MTV News. That means, I guess, that I'm interviewing celebrities. I just want this story to go up. I would talk to someone's pet as long as it got this out there. But now I have this fear that I won't do Invisible Children justice.

2) I'm doing ANOTHER voice-over today. I did one yesterday for College Life for MTV and then I'm doing one for 16 & Pregnant. (By the way, I'm a production assistant for and I just get pulled into other things. Which is fine. Voice overs pay.)

3) I'm taking tomorrow off to spend some time with my husband. :) I am so excited!!!

What has made you happy today?

Also, could you please pray for Lori? There's a button to her blog over to the left. She is such a wonderful person and she could use your prayers for her son's adoption.


  1. Voice overs are pretty cool and certainly pay the bills!! Today, I passed a silhouette picture of me kissing my brought this huge smile to my face. Off to check out Lori!

  2. hi just realised that I thought that I had your blog on my follow list and i dont!!!! now I have just spent 15 mins reading it all.
    Love you.xx