Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Happiness Overload

God has done so many things today!!! And almost none of them have happened to me, but I can't help but just jump for joy!!

1) Have you heard of Susan Boyle? Well, you SHOULD. God's lesson #1: He uses those we least expect to show us that we are WRONG. A 47-year-old, never-been-kissed, unemployed woman who looks frumpy with the bushiest eyebrows has the voice of a Broadway star. I cry every time I watch this, which isn't entirely good since I've been watching it at work. Ha!

2) I just saw on Grains of Sand that Vashti and her husband Martin MAY be getting a weaving place to turn into a school. God's lesson #2: God will ALWAYS do the unexpected. How awesome would this be?! I'm like bouncing up and down about it. Whatever God's will, it will happen for them and I KNOW it.

3) I'm not even selling the cookies today (but I still have them) and I made $2!! Sweet. :) I'm VERY excited by that.

4) I'm recording tonight and I got to see Waiting for Godot last night and eat Mexican food!!! (Please excuse that run-on sentence. I'm hyper-active today)

5) IT'S TAX DAY!!!! Though the government took a good chunk of money from us, I got my husband in return!!! So I'm fine with that. We've planned an excursion for Friday. We're going to stay at a lighthouse/bed and breakfast upstate and I couldn't be more excited!

I don't even know what would make it a better day except that I was at the lighthouse and it was as warm as they think Friday will be. :)

What about you? What's made you happy today?

Here's a happy picture of me to share. What could be happier then mustaches?

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  1. OMG...LOVED the Susan Boyle video! Shows that beauty definitely comes from the inside and not to judge people by what you see. Happy tax day..uh..yeah.