Tuesday, April 14, 2009

My Happy Moments For Today

"My cup runneth over and I worry about the stain." -Caedmon's Call (Thank you for this, Lori!)

It's true. With all the good things in my life, I freak out about stupid STUPID things. Well, I'm going to be thankful for something today. For a few things. For my happy moments!

1) I have made $49 in my bake sale for this week! I like round numbers, so I'll wait for $50 and then get really excited.

2) I started The Challenge (again)! My friends and I all chip in $10 each, set a date, and then whoever loses the biggest body mass, wins the pot. My goal is 10lbs for these last 4 weddings that I have to get to.

3) Even if we don't get tickets to see Waiting for Godot tonight, I'm still going to spend time with my friend Kate. I love her and I'm so glad that we're getting together tonight.

4) (a bonus) TAX SEASON IS OVER TOMORROW!!!! I WILL HAVE A HUSBAND AGAIN!!! Even if he does have to study for tests until May 9th.

What are the little things in your day that have made you happy?


  1. You have a great post...find something in the day that has made you happy. After finally finishing our taxes, I can say that I feel a whole lot light...maybe the $$ leaving or just the fact that they are done. I'm happy that the sun is shining and it was 60+ degrees out today....something that we haven't had since September! Good post!

  2. Thank you. :) And wherever you are with your 60+ degrees...I wish I was with you! ;) It's still pretty chilly in NYC!