Monday, April 27, 2009

Friend-Makin' Mondays!

I like doing this. So Kasey over at All That Is Good does Friend-Makin' Mondays. I've done a few and I'm doing this weeks because it's super cool!

So, using the 5 senses, list 4 things you like and 1 thing you dislike for each. My dislike will be in color.

1) Cookies (especially my chocolate chip ones)
2) Steve (is that too weird? I just love how he smells!)
3) My mom's fried potatoes
4) The air before it's about to rain.
5) New York City in the summer. Someone just told me that New York City is the only city that stews in its own juices. This is absolutely true. I have seen three people pee on our street in the past few weeks.

1) Steve (a trend, as you can see)
2) Grass, especially when I get to roll down a hill.
3) Swimming pool water that is not too too cold, but somewhat so that it's the perfect comfort.
4) Cats.
5) Sweaters made from this certain material that my mother-in-law LOVES to buy me. I love my mother-in-law, but...I know that people buy it because it feels's like...fake cashmere or something. I HATE it. It makes my skin crawl.

1) Oboes and violins. I love classical types of music.
2) The ice cream truck. Even though the ice cream man rejected me as a child (I once waited 3 hours and he didn't stop), I still love to hear it. It makes me excited. Steve says I'm like a child more often than not. ;)
3) Certain church hymns make me want to dance for joy. Like "Lord of All Hopefulness" and "I Love To Tell The Story"
4) The laughter of anyone in my family. I love it.
5) The shrieking cackle that can be heard in Harlem. Typically the noise of a teenager, it can be found quite often and it makes me cringe. It will also be followed by lots and lots of yelling.

1) Mango shortcakes that my mom sends from HK.
2) George's potatoes (they're mashed potatoes with cream cheese)
3) Any type of meat from Plataforma Churrascaria. I love Brazilian steakhouses. It's a good thing they're so expensive, otherwise, I'd have a TON of heart disease.
4) Mangoes. I just love mangoes. A whole lot.
5) Nyquil. Most over-the-counter medicines make me want to gag.

1) Seeing my husband smile :)
2) The stars at night when I'm not in NYC
3) My parents waiting behind the line at Hong Kong airport
4) The sun and children playing in the park (even if being in the park also means I see a girl taking pictures with the back of her dress up. She was 18 and NOT wearing underwear. Steve and I were walking by and we were like...hmm...shouldn't you do that in private, if you're going to do that at all?!)
5) Hurt children. I watched The Rescue Of Joseph Kony's Children on Invisible Children and there were images of children with their mouthes cut off. CUT OFF. Noses and mouthes. How, how, how do you do that to a human being, let alone a child?! I don't understand. I don't understand at all.


  1. I love NYC. Have close friends that I visit all the time. Great list, made me laugh. Have a great day!

  2. I love mangos too- especially fresh ones when you are visiting a foreign country like Costa Rica- YUM!!

    Fun list!

    Have a great week!


  3. Hi my friend...I WILL blog the monkeys tonight!
    Love your list..thinking next time your mum sends you mango shortbread you need to send me some...those panda cookies are nearly finished! Hong Kong cookies rock!!!

    Talk soon.

  4. Great list...and what a horribe atrocity to do to children. That makes me shudder. It's unthinkable!

  5. hi there! loved your list and found myself nodding my head in agreement with many of your things and laughing at some of the others. I just love FMM

  6. Great list...rolling down a hill - that's a good one!

    I agree with so many of you choices!

  7. Love your list! I too, love the smell of the air before it rains.

  8. wow to the girl in the park! lol great list!

  9. great list!

    there sure is something about hearing the ice cream truck ~ brings me right back to my childhood!

    have a fabulous day!

  10. Great job!! I laughed about the Nyquil! Wish I had thought of that!! That stuff is nasty!

  11. Hi,
    I enjoyed your list of the 5 senses. I wish girls/women would learn how to dress appropriately! That's just wrong!

    Also, that is so disturbing about the kids. So sad!

    Have a great week!

  12. I really need to visit NYC even with the stink, and peeing in the streets. I can't even imagine what a big city like that would be like!!!

    Have a great night!

  13. The Nyquil answer made me laugh. Right after my husband and I got married, he gave me a dose of Nyquil -- "it will cure everything" he said. Until I vomited it all over the new carpet and we had to put a piece of furniture over that spot... NEVER AGAIN!

    My husband's parents live in HK -- did you grow up there?