Wednesday, April 22, 2009

What?! And Happy Moments

I received an e-mail from Laren Poole today. Laren Poole. In the Invisible Children world, Laren Poole is up there. He's one of the creators of both the movie and the non-profit. And he's like, please, if you need anything, please let us know. HOLY COW!!! Me?!

And I'm starting to wonder if God put me at MTV for all these stinking years for this. I mean, I could see it. Maybe this is why I needed to be in NYC all this time...

Maybe I'm looking too much into it. But maybe not. Either way, FREAKING AWESOME.

I have all these pictures, but since I stink at putting pictures up here, I'll have to remember to do that at home.

It's still super early in my day, but I may have a few happy moments already!
1) Laren Poole e-mailed me and that's crazy.
2) Steve and I figured out how we'll be doing rent this month.
3) My friend Sam's older sister got a job!!! And a job that pays more than she's ever made before!! :) Very excited.

Do you have any happy moments today?


  1. you know should do something on Project o next!!!! HA!
    I dont have any happy moments yet today. I have spent most of it in bed sick...YUCK!
    Wish i was in NY then we could go get coffe and a cupcake in Magnolias....that would make me very happy.

  2. I would love to do something for Project O. Now, if you could get Hugh Jackman to give you $100,000 AND come to South Africa, I'm POSITIVE MTV would change their minds. HA!