Sunday, April 26, 2009

Love Weekends!

This is Laren Poole (and a gaggle of ladies), one of the originators of Invisible Children.  Can I tell you how awesome it was to be a journalist for a day?  I got to meet him and a few other people.  

The Rescue in New York City was AMAZING!!!  We got there around 4:00pm (I had already been doing Hands On New York Day planting trees and had to come home and get a shower.  Otherwise, we would have been there a bit earlier, I think) and they just were so, SO good 
to me.  Not only is Invisible Children a great cause, but everyone I worked with was super, super nice.  So around 5pm, they started gathering groups of 20 people and placing them on ropes and heading them across the Brooklyn Bridge.  Some of the tourists on the bridge were nice and some...not so nice.  Some asked us what we were doing and some made fun of us.  Chris Lowell (from Private Practice, Veronica Mars, and Grey's Anatomy) walked across the bridge too. 
So we walked across the bridge and got to Empire Ferry Fulton Park.  Can I tell you how absolutely beautiful that park is?  It's right underneath the Brooklyn 
Bridge.  All the pictures we used for New York City were standing in front of the Brooklyn Bridge.  It's absolutely beautiful.  Let me put that underneath.

                          By the time Steve and I left, I had interviewed Yin Chang from Gossip Girl, Chris Lowell from Private Practice, Laren, and a few other celebrities.  It was an incredible day.  We raised so much money for the Invisible Children.  I pray, I pray, I PRAY that the Ugandan civil war comes to an end soon.  No child should ever EVER be forced into these sorts of things.  Children deserve love.  Children were not born with the idea to kill.  

Here's a question for you: So I live in America, should I only be worrying about what happens in America?  Because that's all the comments I see on some news articles about Invisible Children.  That we should only deal with America because Africa will always be this way.  I'm glad that I know what love is.  :)  People were saying that The Rescue could be used so that people could do nothing and feel good about themselves.  Do not be cynical!  The world is so beautiful and we are so blessed by God.  Even in hard times, we could be child soldiers who had to watch our families be murdered.

JUST got an e-mail from a midwife and I'm going to call her tomorrow to get an appointment!!  I'm so excited!  I also went to the Broadway Panhandler and got some cheap kitchen supplies.  Finally, a metal spatula and a thermometer for baked goods!!!  

How was your weekend?  Tell me about it!


  1. This looks and sounds so amazing!

  2. Hi hi! Sadly people will always be cynical! I hate it too.
    Wish I could have been in NY this weeek.
    Dont ya just love getting things for the kitchen? Its one of my favorite things to do. Im in bed and there are monkies knocking on my window!
    Uumm thats all I think. Have a great Sunday.