Saturday, October 17, 2009

Creative Centerpieces?

Please excuse the Glad Bags on our oven.

I'm in charge of the Consecration Sunday luncheon in November and I'm already FULL swing into the planning. That's a centerpiece I created with some flowers and a mini-pumpkin. I would say that it took me 10 minutes.

I'm fine with them, I think they're REALLY cute, but another girl on the committee thinks that, with everything else, it might be too much time to make them. I would need to make 16.

Wow. Don't mean to interrupt, but there are random fireworks over the Statue of Liberty for some reason. Happy Diwali?

But anyway...

So hear me out. They want this luncheon to be fancy. It's an international potluck. I'm THINKING that I could get the youth group at church to be servers and serve drinks and appetizers. What do you think?! Of course, I am that crazy person who wants to make 300 spring rolls for the youth group to walk around with on trays. Too much?

I also volunteered to make all the desserts for 150 people. One of our pastors (who we lovingly refer to as P-Sud) said that he didn't want to 'dampen the spirit' but he figured that they could buy cakes at Costco. But we'll see. ;) I am crazy enough to attempt making both of those items and the centerpieces.

But do you have any simple centerpiece ideas that are cute and inexpensive?

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