Saturday, October 31, 2009

A Weekend (Slash Sick Day) In Pictures

So I was sick on...Thursday? Yes. Thursday and I stayed home with Vindaloo, our new cat. I learned on that day, that I could get her to jump around like a crazy cat by flailing her toy around. Of course, I needed pictures of said thing. I tried to do a video, but obviously need to re-read the manual on the camera.

Because of the bed bugs, Vindaloo needs to be out of the apartment for 8 hours, so we bought her a harness...which she hates. Also, she is afraid of the world. No joke. When outside of the apartment, she stalks around with her hind legs lowered down. She's ridiculous. But I got some silly pictures.

And because I was sick, I wanted a nap(s). Vindaloo was totally willing to take one with me. She goes INSANE when she hears the camera (because she wants to chase the light) so I got 2 before she lost her mind. She looks so cute when she's relaxed.

Happy Halloween! Eh. Halloween is eh for me. But I LOVE handing out candy to kids. I grew up on a dead-end street with no street lights. Seriously. But that was after I was 5. Before I was 5, we lived in a city. My parents would buy 12 bags of candy and STILL run out and have to turn out the porch light. So when we moved to Canal Fulton, they thought, well, not as many kids, we'll buy 8 bags of candy. I think they had 5 trick-or-treaters that night. To make a long story short, we started to get more trick-or-treaters when we passed out the giant candy bars. Not King Size, GIANT.

Like the ones we bought for our trick-or-treaters tonight:

We were excited! We put Vindaloo in her harness (come on! Black cat on Halloween!?!) and set some chairs in our doorway and waited. ...and waited.

This is Vindaloo being terrified of the hallway:

Why do you make me wear this stupid harness?

This is how much candy we had at 7pm, which was half-way through trick-or-treating in our building:

This is Vindaloo and Steve. Vindaloo got out of her harness and we were trying to calm her down. By the way, guess who we found out is allergic to cats? Yes, the man holding one. But that's okay. We're keeping her. He also found out he's allergic to chicken. Like...eating chicken. He claims he's not going to stop eating chicken until he goes into anaphylactic shock.

This is Steve and Vindaloo right before she dug as much of her claws into his skin to get away from him as she could. Once again...fraidy cat. Steve kept calling her a 'big pussy.' Well...yeah. But what does she care? At this point, she uses my legs for warmth, as a stepping stool when I'm in the way on the couch, and as a holder for her play toy. I still love her.

Would you like some candy? We still have 5 HUGE bars (Steve just finished the Kit Kats) and took 3 down to the doorman. No joke. We STILL have that much candy. Not including the Reese's and Milky Ways that are the normal size for Halloween.

To keep my mind off of the ridiculous amount of candy in the apartment, Steve and I walked in the rain and bought a ton of cake pans and cupcake pans so that I can have a ridiculous amount of cake in the apartment tomorrow. :)

What a weekend! But it's been fun. Now we just have to finish packing up all of our stuff for the exterminator.

How's your weekend?


  1. Love your black cat...look at those eyes!

  2. loved this post. you are both complete nuts and i love it!
    love you.

  3. Beautiful kitty!

    Stopping over from SITS Halloween Parade :o)

  4. Cats on leashes crack me up! What a sweetie!