Sunday, October 25, 2009

I'm A Planner...And I Could Always Use Your Help!!

It's been a good weekend! Lots of luncheons, both at church. One for the community and one for Reformation. Happy Reformation Sunday! And we also did Bread For The World Sunday, where we wrote letters to our senators and congressmen to help solve world hunger.


I'm allowed to have another luncheon to help Project O! And it's going to be on Valentine's Day!! So I'm super excited. It gives me plenty of time to plan. I know that I want to do a cupcake-cake.

Like this...

But probably not as nice. And varied colors. What do you think?! I'm all excited about it. My husband says I'm a planner. :-D

We also have our hotel room for Ethiopia!!! And I'm so excited for my trip to the Philippines/Hong Kong and then to South Africa/Ethiopia and THEN I have a friend who wants to do a trip to Kenya in 2011 so we can go here...

This is the Giraffe Manor!! I mean, we'll see if we'd be able to go, but how cool is that?!

How was your weekend? What are you up to?


  1. Loved all the photos. Is the top one yours? The cat silhouette is awesome. Love the cupcake cake and the Giraffe Manor. How cool! Being a planner is a good thing.
    This weekend? It snowed here in good ole Colorado. So, lots of layers and warm socks :o)

  2. I missed you this weekend. I wish you were in SA already!

  3. Yes! The top one is one my husband took.

    And I miss you too, Vashti :) xxxx