Sunday, October 11, 2009

Mustaches, Vindaloo, and a Prayer

It's been a good weekend. Steve is off to a great mustachioed start of Mustaches Vs. Cancer!! Though his mustache is somewhat sad. Just a bit. He looks a bit creepy in that picture, right? Maybe it's just me. He was saying, 'No one is going to want to donate to me with that picture!' He's a dork. If you'd like to see his page for Mustaches vs. Cancer, please click here.

Vindaloo has been looking for a good five minutes for the light that she was trying to attack in this picture. No joke, she's STILL looking for it. And she's kind of upset that she can't find it.

But we did find an awesome alternative.

Lastly, so my blogger friend Vashti told me a story!! Tell me how awesome this is. She was walking around in South Africa (where she lives) and this guy walks by and says, 'Hey, you're wearing TOMS.' And she says, 'So are you.' BAM. She realizes that she's talking to BLAKE, THE CHEIF SHOE GIVER. Aka: The guy who started TOMS SHOES!!!!! HOW F-ING AWESOME IS THAT?! I freaking love my TOMS. So comfortable. She told me that story and I almost peed myself. FREAKING AWESOME.

Me in my TOMS

So she told him what they do for the AIDs orphans in South Africa and he wrote down all their information. Could you please pray that Blake loves their mission and wants to help their orphans? That would change things so, so much.

I'm sorry. What did you say? You said that you'd like to also e-mail and send letters to Blake? I think that's a great idea!! You are so thoughtful. That's why I like you.

Here's where you can send letters:
TOMS Shoes
3025 Olympic Blvd., Suite C
Santa Monica, CA 90404
800-975-TOMS (8667)

And e-mails can go here.

Thank you!! You guys rock.


  1. thankyou!!!!!
    Did i tell you i almost had a heart attack and stumbled over my words?? it really didnt help that he was kinda hot and I dont cope well around beautiful people!! HAhah!
    love you.xx

  2. This was such a wonderful post! How great to meet the person who invented Tom's shoes! I love the meaning behind every person who buys a pair.

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat