Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Kitty Hunting in NYC (UPDATE: And A Small Prayer Request)

This is not a cat I've ever owned, but my friend's Dave and Nina. This is Samba and I, also, am planning on dressing my cat up in embarrassing items.

Growing up, we ALWAYS had cats. Up to 7 at a time. I can name some of them for you:
Peaches (there were like...6 Peaches)
Sprite (for the X-Men Character, not the drink. Yeah, I was a dorky kid)

And they all came to an untimely end. No joke.

The first Peaches was mauled by our neighbor's dog in front of my sister and me. I can still remember it too. It was winter and there was SO much snow. The dog (a Doberman with a fixation on cats) ran after the cat and the cat ran up on our porch. There's a reason the cat ran on the porch too: that was the safe zone. The dog wasn't allowed on the porch; my mom would always tell it no and it listened. But my mom wasn't out there and my sister and I were running, screaming at the dog. The dog ran up on the porch and the cat, realizing this, ran off the porch and tried to climb a tree. We had just had an ice storm. Honestly, I remember blood in the snow and my mom telling us to run and lock ourselves in the garage, thinking that the dog was in such a frenzy that it would come after us. We learned later that the neighbor across the street (not the one who owned the dog) had heard us screaming and was loading his shot gun because we were screaming so loud that he thought the dog had one of us and not the cat.


But I've decided to turn over a new leaf! I was never an animal person and after spending time at the Manhattan Animal Care & Control Center, I realized that I really want a cat. An indoor cat. That will be pampered and not be near dogs, trains, or cars (I told you! Untimely ends!).

I kind of want a female cat, somewhat playful...and we have no ideas what names would be. All of my previous animal/teddy bear names (that I've come up with when I was older then 16) have been historical. My teddy bear's name is Mr. Roosevelt. My turtle's name was Filibuster.

Any ideas what kind of name a female cat deserves? Or should I wait and see what type of cat I end up with?


These are our friends, Mike and Margaret. Margaret is in the running for a really great job that would be perfect for her. She had a really rough interview today and is feeling really depressed about it. I know that God is with her, but we all have those days, you know? So if you could say a small prayer that the President of the college that she's applying to will consider her as a candidate. Thank you!


  1. What an awful story about you & your sister witnessing with your cat. That could be pretty traumatic and I understand the trepidation of owning one and wondering what untimely demise may come. We never know until we venture so go for it! Post a pic when the kitty comes & we'll send on the names!
    Prayers going out for your friend ;)

  2. hi love! gross story about the cat. our fox terrier did the same to our bunnies!
    I think you should call it Cleopatra! Or Joan of Arc!
    love you.xxx