Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Where You Live Should Not Determine Whether You Live

One of my blogger friends saw this on Vashti's blog and thought it was a wonderful quote. As much as I wish that I could take credit (I really would, it's awesome, right?!), it comes from Invisible Children, a cause that I support, have written about for, and have marched across the Brooklyn Bridge for.

Invisible Children is about the child soldiers of Uganda. They are kidnapped in the night and forced to fight. The girls are raped and given to Lord's Resistance Army soldiers as wives. Boys as young as 10 are forced to fight and, sometimes, kill their siblings as a show of solidarity with the soldiers.

What child has ever deserved this? What child should to be torn from their families, raped, forced to fight, or be killed as a warning for others?

Invisible Children are trying to pass the LRA Disarmament Bill in Congress and are trying to get people to sign a petition. Would you be willing to sign this and pass it along?

You can sign the petition here.

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