Monday, October 19, 2009

Friend-Makin' Mondays

Oh, how I love Friend-Makin' Mondays!! If you'd like to join in, please click here!

What Makes You Happy?

What makes me happy...

1) God makes me happy. I don't give Him as much credit as I should, but I'm pretty sure He's doing a ton of good stuff in my life and I need to acknowledge it more.

2) My husband. He's ridiculous and caring and always there when I need him. He's my travel companion, my right-hand man, and my partner-in-crime.

3) My family! Sure, I'm being very cliche, but that's fine by me! I only see my family twice a year and so it makes me appreciate them more and more.

4) Vindaloo!! We've only had her for about a week, but she's cute and I love her. Even when her butt is in my face at 6am or she's knocked my wedding ring over. Or that she's meowing her head off while I'm in the kitchen. No, cat, I am not feeding you again!

5) My voice-over work. I haven't really mentioned it on here, but I do voice-over work for (also where I am a production assistant). It brightens my day every time that I can get in the VO booth and do some recording.

6) Sweater weather. Not what we have now, but when it's like...say...60-65 degrees. As of the moment, it's freaking freezing!!

7) Hong Kong. It's become like a second home to me and I can get around Central like I've lived there forever. If I could move there, I would.

8) My friends. I should say now, that this list is in no particular order. I love my friends from college and the friends I've made in NYC. AND all my blog friends. If you would have asked me a year ago if I'd ever have blog friends...but I LOVE you guys!!

This is my friend Rachel. She ran after an ice cream truck to get me chocolate ice cream. I love her :)

9) Getting mail. I LOVE receiving mail. LOVE IT. I've always loved getting mail, even as a kid. I was always the one who walked across the street or, later in life, the quarter of a mile down our driveway to pick it up.

10) Bubble tea. I was supposed to get some this weekend, but I didn't. Oh well. It does make me happy!!

11) Baking and cooking. I was the girl who used to burn all the macaroni into one big rubber ball. But I've gotten a LOT better and I love to cook and bake (I'm better at baking). It makes me happy...but not the cleaning up part!

12) Okay, last one. Random incidents. I love random things. I love finding forks in the road in upstate New York or...when I used to have a yellow car (A yellow Ford Focus hatchback, to be exact!), I was pumping gas at a gas station. A van comes roaring in beside me and three people jump out. They say, 'We're doing a church scavenger hunt and we need to get a picture pumping gas into a yellow car!' So they take the picture and I'm like...ooookkkkaaaayyyyyy. So I'm about to get into my car and...another van pulls in! They jump out and start to explain and I say, 'They were just here a minute ago!' So they run, take the picture, and speed away. What a crazy day!

But this picture has to be my favorite. I was with my family about a month before the Olympics in Beijing. A school class saw us and, recognizing we were probably English speaking, all started to yell, 'hi!' So we got together and took a picture with them. They then asked my sister if she would stay with them and if she was a movie star.

So what makes you happy?


  1. I love getting mail too! Great list! And the camera you saw on my blog is a Sony Cybershot W220.

  2. having you as my friend makes me happy!

  3. Thank you so much for visiting my blog and Happy MFM to you too. I love the picture of you and your hubby, you look so happy. Have a blessed week.

  4. I love getting mail, cooking and baking too :)

  5. My hubby makes me happy too:) Happy FMM!!!

  6. baking is awesome and its so cool that you do voice over work! happy FMM

  7. Such great things to make you happy and no...NONE of them are corny! So glad Vindaloo is giving you tons of happy kitty love!

  8. I would love some sweater weather!! My AC is still on!

  9. I LOVE sweater weather too!! And baking is great, especially the eating it part!

  10. Free time makes me happy. Working on art makes me happy. Being with friends. The good times with my husband. Hanging with my sister. Lots more too. Thanks.

  11. You have an awesome list! I love the picture of your new kitty! Getting mail is definitely something that makes me happy - I never would've thought of that! Happy FMM!

  12. I saw a comment you left on Grains of Sand that said: Where you live shouldn't determine whether you live.
    I love that. So true. Wish more people felt the same way :o) Glad to have stopped in your blog (from SITS)... :o)

  13. what a great list! I love sweater weather too :)