Monday, October 26, 2009

It Kinda Sucks

So...after I posted my last post...our night went into the toilet.

Steve went to change Vindaloo's water and...there was a BUG floating in it. And not just any bug. An f-ing BED BUG.


We have bed bugs. I mean, I kind of thought that MAYBE we did because I do have about 6 consecutive bug bites across my collar bone... So I cried my eyes out because a co-worker had bed bugs and they had to move stuff, throw out half of their stuff, and they spent $3,000.

We do not really have $3,000 just lying around.

But now, we're being told that our landlord might have to deal with it. And we may have found someone to do it cheaper. But I still think that we have to buy a new vacuum. BLAH!

Plus, for the community luncheon, they were chopping onions. I do kind of bad with onions unless I have my onion goggles. It appears that I have sties in both of my eyes. So they're both swollen. But it could be because I was crying last night and this morning.

I know, I know. Bugs aren't too big of a deal and God will get me through. It just sucks.


  1. oh no! I'm sorry and hope that everything works out!

  2. OMW!!! Bed bugs?!? How do those get there???

    Yes, you will get through it, but it still sucks.

    Found ya on Sits!

  3. Ugh. It appears that bed bugs live on trains, in hotels, and just about everywhere else that I have been in and on in the last 6 months!!! I think that our movers got them on our couch, honestly. We moved less then a month ago and it has been a nightmare!!