Saturday, October 10, 2009

Meet Vindaloo!

Meet Vindaloo, the new addition to our family! She's too cute. She's a year old.

So I went to the shelter and I get there and...I don't have anything with our current address with my. My friend, Kate, is coming to meet me and we then find out we have an hour to wait for adoptions to open. My husband gets a cab alllllll the way from Jersey City to the upper West Side to the shelter.

Kate, Steve, and I all go in and start looking at the cats. Because there are SO many older cats, so that they don't have to euthanize them, they started giving any cat a year or older away for free, with a free office visit, and a goodie bag.

The first cat we picked out, I loved. She looked like Sprite (the last cat I had) and was a short hair and had these soulful eyes. She was a stray and the named her Tiger. PROBLEM. We went to adopt her and they said that we couldn't even submit papers on her until 5:59 pm tomorrow. We have friends coming over and we couldn't come until Monday and then there was no guarantee that she'd still be there. So I found another cat named Kimmy and...she was okay. Eh. Then my husband said, well, I kind of liked this black cat...

AND SHE HAS THE MOST SOULFUL LITTLE EYES. The perfect amount of fur (she barely sheds so far) AND she's ridiculously calm. She's still a little bit afraid, but, for the most part, she's taken to us and only hides under the bed when she hears the train (we live near the light rail), the washer and dryer, and when there's something loud on tv (we were watching Men In Black). We found out that she had been dropped off today at 11:21am by her owner and the reason was (they include the reason): 'Did Not Have Time For Cat.' There was a 15-year-old cat beside her and the reason was 'high vet bills.' *sigh* I guess what makes me sad is that they do euthanize cats at this shelter if they've been there for a month. Vindaloo was there for TWO HOURS!

I love it :) Thank you for all of the advice!!!

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  1. She's beautiful! Congrats on your new family member!