Monday, October 26, 2009

Friend-Makin' Mondays

Serious cat face.

You know what? kinda sucks. I've cried and debated on cleaning our savings account out today, but it'll be okay. God is with me.

'He has made everything beautiful in its time'
- Ecclesiastes 3:11

So, for now, I'm going to focus on other things. Like how much I love you all.

If I could, I would give you all a hug today. Hugs are never out of style. And I freaking love them. I'd especially give one to you.

And I'll do Friend-Makin' Monday. If you'd like to join, head over to Amber's blog here.

The question for today:

If life were a movie, which movie would you want to live in?

Laugh at me all you want, but I would live in The Big Lebowski.

I love ridiculous movies and I would totally go bowling everyday. And eat blackberry pancakes.

As soon as I saw this movie a few months ago, it became my favorite. It even replaced Pulp Fiction (though one of my favorite clips of all time is still in Pulp Fiction).

I could quote this movie all day. And maybe I wouldn't be a naked, rich feminist or a lazy, slacker who drinks White Russians and bowls daily. ...Or a Shabbas-observing, Vietnam-veteran with a major temper...but I'd totally live in that world.

What movie would you live?


  1. Praying you have a great day.
    Blessings, andrea

  2. My movie would be the Holiday! There is something about fresh starts in someplace completely new. If you've never seen it, I would highly recommend it.

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  3. I have not a clue what movie I would be in...possibly one of the golden oldies from the 1940s.
    Sending you (((hugs))) back after reading your last couple of posts...we're with you!!

  4. Haha! The Big Lebowski?! Great choice. I hope you were able to find some bloggers with movies you know! I appreciate your comment - thanks for visiting today!

  5. I'm back, please come visit. I have an award for you!

  6. The Big Lebowski!? Awesome and original....though I'd have a hard time replacing Pulp Fiction for it.