Wednesday, October 21, 2009

I Am Not Good Without God (And Some Updates)

My TOMS shoes came!! It makes me really happy. And I've got at least 5 or 6 (okay...maybe like 8) dolls coming for when I go to South Africa to meet Vashti and the Project O orphans. I'm really excited about it and it's helping brighten my week. Plus, I get to see my grandparents tonight.

MY SISTER GOT A JOB!!! She's a massage therapist and she lives in Ohio (of all the places to get a job right now, you know?) and she JUST got a job. With a chiropractor. So proud of her.

The photo is dark, but it's one of my favorite of us.

But the title...the title. It's a small rant, so you can ignore it if you wish. I was looking at the AM New York yesterday without reading it. And the cover said, 'Got God?' Then I was watching NY1 and here's what it's about.

Atheists-NYC are paying for a campaign on the subway. That's fine by me. I mean, there are ads advertising Christianity and Islam and everything else under the sun. There are even ads about how you shouldn't drink Snapple because it'll make you fat! Ridiculous. Here's the ad:

And here's my thought. I am not good without God. I feel empty without God. And I'm not just good with God, God makes things GREAT! God gives us the courage to go on in faith and in love.

My office, for the most part, is very anti-Christianity. And it sucks. Well, for me. And I know that they wonder why I believe in God when, to them, they see no evidence.

Have you ever seen a sunrise or heard a child laugh? Yeah, yeah. Maybe it's a cliche, but there is so much beauty in this world. Even in our deepest pain, you can find beauty.

My friends have started an organization entitled History Starts Now. It deals with child trafficking and a wish to end it in our lifetime. These children are suffering greatly, but I see beauty in their love that my friends are showing in wanting to end the suffering children they will never know or meet. Or Vashti at Project O. What did she know about orphans in South Africa? And it's hard. It's brutally hard to see these children suffer, but I know that she loves them all. How beautiful is the heart of a person who loves like that?

And I don't think that love just came out of a swamp or anything like that. I don't think the way we think or feel is natural at all. And if it's not natural, then where did it come from?

So no. I am not good without God. But with Him, I can do great things. He makes the ordinary extraordinary. He is changing the world.

Sorry :) I just had to let it out. I hope everyone is having a good day! (And 'When The Saints' is DEFINITELY on repeat today!)


  1. Philippians...always a good verse to live by. You can do all things through God. I'd be answering the question just as you did. It is much easier to see the bad in this world and I think that's what most people do. But look for the will improve your life immensely!

  2. Well said! They have become a work as well on the buses all over the world. The good news is that Christian organizations are sharing their message as well. I guess money makes people do crazy stuff.

    As for me, I agree with you, NOPE! I will never be good without God and I am so thankful that I have Him in my life. The world would not be a happy place without him. Read Revelation to find out that!

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  3. I love you. going through a really hard time right now and needed this.. thanks for being my friend.

  4. I, too will never be good without GOD. Great post. I just dropped by from Kat's blog. I have joined to follow and look forward to getting to know you.
    Blessings, andrea

  5. Yay for you TOMS shoes. They are cool and for such a great cause. Last year I tried to put together a TOMS Shoes party and I couldn't get one single person who wanted to 'spend the money'. How sad.
    Great for your sister. I know most of our chiropractors are having massage therapists in their practice now - bringing in a lot of clients.
    And I agree with you on the Got God thing. Sad that people are so prideful to think that they are perfectly happy on their own. I wouldn't want that kind of stress on myself. Going to check our History Starts Now. Thanks for the post today!